A space to call my own

At last.

I’ve longed for a space where I can document my musings, things I bake, and random things I create. That’s my hope for this blog. Months after setting this up, I’ve finally been able to get the look and feel of it to a place I’m happy with.

Before I became myself a wife, a mom, a designer, I was a girl behind her computer who had an online diary, blogging about her life. And only a few people knew about it aside from other bloggers I interacted with online.

I remember creating my Xanga blog back in 2004. It was my little home on the web. A couple of years later I moved to blogspot, then eventually WordPress. More on that later.

I’ve hoped for a while to get into the habit of blogging again. To have a space to grow.  This time I want to do more than just chronicle my days with photos. I hope to capture my thoughts. Blog about this new season in life. Document the things I craft. And when I’m ready, share what’s close to my heart and mind. 

After years of being on hiatus, I’m back.

Say hello to, lmnlgd… We’ll work on what to call this space later.

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