Chasing slow

June was a blur. So was July.

We haven’t slowed down since our flight to the Philippines and back. With Miles fighting, and beating measles, combined with jet lag, teething, sleepless nights, searching for a daycare two months before heading back to work. It feels as if this summer is more fleeting than the past years.

Sometime this week, we started going for walks after dinner to wind down with Miles – he’s been having a tough time settling down since we got back. It’s been working. After our walk he’s ready to go down to sleep. Plus it’s way cooler outside, than in our apartment. Haha.

Today, we found a shaded area at the park, laid down a blanket, and chilled before dinner – the grass felt cool from this morning’s showers. Miles went straight for the grass, but quickly focused his full attention munching on his snack.

I’ve come to crave slow days, appreciate longer, brighter evenings even more. Savouring these remaining days of summer is high on my list.

In the next few blog posts, I’m hoping to look back and reflect at the past couple of months.

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