Miles’ first birthday

An intimate party with all our closest families and friends to celebrate Miles’ first year of life and our parenthood journey. 

When we first started talking about Miles’ first birthday, we knew we wanted to keep it simple and small. I did underestimate the prep work that went into the details that we brought in to the party.

Since Miles was very little he’s always been so into leaves and plants, the first animals we read to him about were bears, lions, and elephants. And oh boy, he loves to roar. We basically have a little lion cub haha. So hoped to sprinkle those subtle details about him throughout the decor.

We had the party outdoors, at a familiar park we walked to pretty much everyday. I aimed to purchase less stuff for party decor and brought in items we owned. It included some litre beer bottles upcycled to water jugs, table covers from a christmas party event a few years ago, crates, amber bottles, dried plants, a letter board, and stand. As much as possible I hoped to use what we already had and produce as little waste as we could.  

We’re super grateful to our friends Theo and Genesis for lending us their party kit which contained plates, cups, linens, and place settings that very little went into the trash.

Miles judging how everyone was singing happy birthday
Miles’ first birthday cake

My “main” project for Miles’ party was probably his cake which I even did a trial for. It’s a three layered chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. I talked about my experience making a layered cake and which recipe I used in this blog post.

Lion, elephant, and bear

It’s not a Manaligod party without Dreality Souvenirs, haha. Thank you bro and sis for making this happen in such a short notice. We’ve had these bottles since July, brought in from the Philippines by one of our good friends, Ron. About two months before Miles’ birthday we weren’t even sure if we wanted to have a party, so we weren’t able to plan too far ahead to order these. We go them without labels, because it’s quicker that way. I designed and got the labels printed at Benchmark Graphics in Richmond. They always come through with quick turnarounds too!

We thought it’d be a cool idea to have these scented alcohol bottles as souvenirs since we also had the party at a park. Clean on-the-go!

Since I found out Dreality offers these amber bottles, it’s what I’ve been ordering. They’re simple and beautiful, and has a rustic but sleek feel to them. Support our family’s business and get your souvenirs from them!

Miles loved the souvenirs as well

Simple initial set up without the cake yet. Whipped cream and heat don’t go well together haha.

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