Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve never been the one to make cookies with a recipe that calls for room temperature softened butter that has to be beaten and creamed together with the sugars. I’m more of a “melt the butter in the microwave and use one spatula to mix all the things” kind of baker. But when I accidentally left butter on the counter I’d used in the morning and come back to a perfectly soft butter in the evening, I thought what better way to use it than finally try these internet famous pan-banging cookies from the Vanilla Bean Blog.

I wanted to up the quantity so I made each dough just a little over 70g, and still managed to make perfectly wrinkled cookies. These cookies came out really thin and I loved the chocolate in each bite. The middle was still perfectly chewy and the edges super crispy. I could see this being really good dipped in coffee or of course, milk!

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