Saturdays are for little adventures

Gone are the days of sleeping in on weekends. As much as Martin and I wanted to, this little one who slept between us from 2am, managed to wake us up at around six in the morning, by nudging us and babbling away. After an entire week of wakeful nights, were all sleep deprived. Miles seems to have gone from teething, to full on cough and cold. And it’s only his second week at daycare.

We initially wanted to try out Jam Cafe, but decided to pass when we saw the long lineup. We went to Linh Cafe instead. It’s this small, laid-back French-Vietnamese fusion restaurant on West 4th. I had what’s called the Brittany breakfast, Martin had a breakfast poutine, and Miles had pho. Everything was so tasty! Plus great coffee!

Ran a couple of errands, for a diy project, after brunch then headed to Thomas Haas for dessert, and snacks for Miles, while he explored the area and examined each leaf he’d see.

Once Miles learned to walk, there’s no slowing him down. This past week he’s been mastering keeping his balance and learning to walk on his own.

The last time we were here was March of last year and Miles was still a tiny peanut in my belly. Now he’s a year old, 20lbs, and in Martin’s arms. 🥺

Beside Thomas Haas is this kids bookshop which was a delight to explore. There were so many interesting things in the store. Way more than books!

Miles fighting a cold but still loves to pose hahaha

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