Social distancing day 9

Also on day 9 of both Martin and I working from home with Miles.

I was up pretty early this morning. 2am. Miles was having trouble going back to sleep and was up for almost two hours. After he went down to sleep, I was also restless and needed to get some work done, so I got up.

In that time I logged some design time for work, wrote down all my thoughts that’s flooded my mind lately, researched some resources for Miles’ activities, and got ready for work. Next thing I knew it was also 7am, and Miles was awake. We read a couple of books for a while then he was ready for breakfast.

We want to involve him more doing practical life activities like being in the kitchen. I noticed that he loved this from the beginning, and always want to do what mama and papa are doing too. It’s dawning on me that we’re both introverted parents with an extroverted son who’s always so energized when we do all the things together.

So this morning, I had him help make some blueberry muffins, he was more that willing.

I used this recipe from King Arthur Flour. One change is that I halved the sugar. It’s just right!

I stumbled upon Dalgona coffee in my instagram stories and was super intrigued so I made some too. I modified the recipe slightly, so instead of 1 tbsp of each ingredient, I did 1tsp each of coffee, sugar, and hot water. It was delicious!

We had a very productive morning.

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