The last time

These past few weeks since we got back from vacation has been taxing. After going through jet lag with Miles – him being up at 4am wanting to play, to waking up every hour. All that on top of Miles getting sick with measles. The entire month of June to July has challenged us in so many ways and it all feels like a blur. And I bet he’s having a tough time adjusting as much as we are.

I don’t remember the last time I had a restful sleep. I keep thinking this to myself. The days are long, but the years are short. He’s only going to be this little for a fraction of our lifetime. I already miss his newborn days! Haha.

We might have all these sleepless nights and some tiring days, but I must say Miles has been such a happy, and sweet baby from day one. He smiles, and laughs a lot, and can focus for a long time doing his own work/play with or without us being right beside him.

I’m so grateful that God has given us the grace to be able to get through these challenging moments.

I stumbled upon this poem while I was pregnant with Miles. And it couldn’t have landed on my screen again at a better time. Once again, it’s inspired me. To see everything in a positive light.

The last time

From the moment you hold your baby in your arms, you will never be the same. You might long for the person you were before – when you had freedom and time, and nothing in particular to worry about.

You will know tiredness like you never knew before, and days will run into days that are exactly the same: full of feedings and burping, nappy changes and crying, naps (or lack of), and it might seem like a never-ending cycle.

But don’t forget… There will be a last time for everything.

There will come a time when you will feed your baby for the very last time.

They will fall asleep on you after a long day, and it will be the last time you ever hold your sleeping child.

One day, you will carry them on your hip, then set them down, and never pick them up that way again.

You will scrub their hair in the bath one night, and from that day on, they will want to bathe alone.

They will hold your hand to cross the road, then never reach for it again.

They will creep into your room at midnight for cuddles, and it will be the last time you ever wake to this.

One afternoon, you will sing Wheels On The Bus and do all the actions, then never sing them that song again.

They will kiss you goodbye at the school gate, the next day, they will ask to walk the gate alone.

You will read a final bedtime story, and wipe your last dirty face.

They will one day run to you with arms raised, for the very last time.

The thing is, you won’t even know it’s the last time, until there are no more times, and even then, it will take you a while to realize.

So while you are living in these times, remember there are only so many of them.

And when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them… for one last time.

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